Dexter Myers Cookies produces a holiday assortment that includes the favorite and most decadent cookies released during the calendar year.  Our signature red gift box contains four 10-count re-closable bags that are individually wrapped for optimal freshness.  Our gift box makes an ideal holiday gift that is perfect for sharing with family, friends and co-workers.  We are proud to partner with IMF again this holiday season to offer the 2019 IMF Holiday Gift Box.  A generous portion of each gift box sold will be donated directly to the IMF for continued support to myeloma patients, family members and the medical community.  Cookies for a cause!  What a sweet idea!

Founded in 1990, the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) is the first and largest myeloma specific charity in the world.  With more than 450,00 members in 140 countries, the IMF serves myeloma patients, family members and the medical community.  The IMF provides a wide range of programs in the areas of Research, Education, Support and Advocacy.  The signature project of the IMF’s Research division is the Black Swan Research Initiative, a groundbreaking and collaborative effort to develop the first definitive cure for myeloma.  Each year the IMF also awards Brian D. NOvis Grants, which promote research for better treatments, management and practices in the myeloma field. 

In addition, 200 leading myeloma researchers around the world comprise the IMF’s International Working Group, a research body that has developed guidelines to treat myeloma patients that are followed around the world.  Finally, the Nurse Leadership Board (NLB), made up of nurses from leading myeloma treatment centers develops recommendations for the nursing care of myeloma patients.

IMF Deluxe Holiday Gift Box

2019 IMF Holiday Gift Box

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The Dexter Myers Cookies limited edition 2019 IMF Holiday Gift Box is currently available for purchase and will begin shipping on December 2, 2019 while supplies last!

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